Gamjobs.com strongly advise caution against fraudulent schemes perpetrated by individuals claiming to work for us. The most common form of fraud involves the target receiving unsolicited e-mail, letter, fax or telephone calls purporting to come from Gamjobs.com with what appears to be a legitimate job offer or business proposal.

The target of the fraud is often invited to register their bank details or pay an advance fee to the sender in order to get a job or to collect a cash sum of money often running into millions.

Gamjobs.com do not require a fee from job seekers, we do not require their bank nor do we deal with visa issues. Any such email purporting to be coming from us is likely to be false. If you receive such emails or any such requests we strongly advise you delete them or contact us directly at info@gamjobs.com or on any numbers that appear on our website in order to verify the authenticity of these messages.