Why Advertise with us

Are you a small or medium size company? Do you want to hire top talents in the Gambia? Gamjobs.com offers you the opportunity to advertise your vacancies or promote your business online even if you don’t have a website. Here are several reasons why should consider us:

  • Security: Gamjobs.com is built with recruiting software that enables you to easily publish your vacancies, products and services and to personalize your profile.
  • Accessibility: Employers can access our database for free to view, download CVs and manage applications.  You have 24/7 access to your account enabling you to edit and change your listing anytime.
  • Comfort: Gets as-it-happen automated notification of any new CV matching your job requirement, candidates that applied for your jobs, daily statistic of list views etc. Not need to login at all times, no worries about missing applications or deadlines of your listing, we deliver all information directly to you, including a 3 day reminder in advance.
  • Ownership: Any listing you publish on our website belongs to you. And you can do it as you wish, including deleting it, changing status, upgrading it or declare position as filled to stop receiving additional application.
  • Visibility:  All listing, including company name, logo, information is view by thousands of users. Enjoy the chance to raise visibility of your product and services to potential candidates or customers in the Gambia and abroad without moving an inch. All listings are shared on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram and newsletter.
  • Flexibility:  Our payment options flexible. You can pay upfront  or later. You can pay by bank transfer, checque or cash. Either way is up to you. We have packages to suit every budget and interest. Click here to see our price list.